Established in 1981 some 35 plus years ago, M E D soon became a well respected and established company within the classic motor sport industry for building highly tuned engines and manufacturing some of the finest products available for the A series based engine.



M E D’s engines and products soon achieved fame for their engineering quality and race wining potential.

This increased the business's growth through out the world and saw engines and products shipped out to Australia, Japan, Asia, USA, Canada, Latin America and into the European market place.


M E D now also supplies many other leading engine tuning companies worldwide, proving that their products always meet the most stringent inspection procedures of some of the very best names in motorsport.

New premises for 2013 gave MED a new modern facility and plenty of room for further expansion, this helped their development team push forward with new product lines and more and more race engine builds.


We have a great professional, experienced sales and technical team on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have, whether it’s an order you wish to place or a technical problem you need answers to then pick up the phone as we are here to help.


Our new mail order department can handle any orders from the smallest single valve cap to consolidating full shipments bound for overseas customers.

Our powerful eCommerce site can process your orders and work out all shipping costs giving you the convenience of shopping from the comfort of you home.

Our aim is simple, we want you to receive the best service, parts and engines to put you in front of the competition. Every year we strive forward with our strong research and development programme to help us supply what we and many of our customers like to think as the best products available for the A series competition engine.