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The best 1.3 roller rocker assembly on the market by far, sold to many top Mini parts suppliers around the globe.

Our rocker assembly comes fully assembled with alloy rocker spacers and alloy end washers with split pins fitted.

  • The rocker shaft is up-rated from standard 14mm to our large 17mm diameter to give a greater surface area  contact between the shaft and the rocker arm.
  • The rocker arm is CNC machined from aerospace 7075 alloy and anodised red.
  • Rocker posts are also made from a high quality steel and chemically black coated.
  • To further enhance the quality of this rocker assembly we fit larger 3/8 UNF adjusters along with lightweight aircraft specification 'K' lock nuts 

Please note - our roller rocker assemblies are only suitable for 1275, 970(S) and 1071(S) based engines. For small-bore engines, please see our 1.5 forged rockers or contact us for more information.