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Our alloy rocker cover with CNC-engraved logo on the front face and dual 1" (25.4mm) breathers. The polished covers are machined for 1.5 rocker applications and 11-stud heads.

Our alloy rocker cover has the MED logo CNC engraved into the front face, is machined internally for 1.5:1 rocker clearance and has dual 1" (25.4mm) breather outlets. It is also machined for fitment with an 11-stud cylinder head. Of course you can fit this to any nine-stud head too.

The kit includes:

  • MED alloy rocker cover with 1" (25.4mm) breather outlets
  • MED stainless steel rocker cover fixings
  • Chrome filler cap
  • Cork rocker cover gasket

 We can also supply a non-breather tube version or a complete MED breather kit.