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( £116.67 EXC VAT )

This kit comes complete with our special MLS head gasket, in the plus 20,40,60 sizes or 73.5mm.

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( £116.67 EXC VAT )

Complete dry deck kit. The kit comes with a steel shimmed head gasket of your choice, which has blank water gallery holes, saving a lot of machining time and cost on blanking the original water galleries in the block.

Supplied with our CNC-machined alloy water adapters and silicone water hose, complete with hose clips.

There is minor machining to be carried out to fit this kit - please contact us if you require any further information. The engine outlet will require a cut-out to fit around the engine steady fixing, to be machined after drilling and tapping of the block.

The kit consists of the following parts:

  • 2 x aluminium adapters
  • 1 x bespoke MED steel shimmed head gasket
  • 1 x silicone hose
  • 4 x Allen cap bolts
  • 2 x hose clips

The +20,40,60 head gasket will suit bore sizes from standard 1275 to plus-0.060-inch. The 73.5mm option is a special offset bore gasket to suit 1380/1460cc engines.