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A complete kit to convert to the pre-Verto clutch along with our exclusive HD clutch operating arm.

The MED HD Clutch Operating Kit includes everything required to swap from a later Verto setup to pre-Verto, opening up a wider range of lightweight competition clutch and flywheel packages. It also includes the MED heavy duty clutch arm.

Our clutch arm is made from EN24T steel, which is then heat treated for added strength. The design swaps the standard ball end for a wider cam, with a special plunger to suit.

This is far stronger than the standard setup, which is prone to premature wear of the ball. With uprated competition clutch setups, the standard design has been known to bend, or even snap the ball end clean off. The MED arm makes an excellent upgrade.

See the Kit Contents tab for more detail.

This kit comes with the following parts:

  • Clutch slave cylinder
  • Anchor plate
  • Pivot pin
  • Retaining clip
  • Clutch arm pivot
  • Spring
  • Release bearing
  • HD clutch arm kit
  • 303 stainless steel lock nuts