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This is by far the best oil cooler kit available for the any A-Series competition engine, as proven on our own race Minis.

Setrab oil coolers are the most efficient on the market, made in Sweden and recommended for all competition engines. In testing we have found oil temperature reductions of up to 10-degrees C compared to the budget oil coolers. 

Our kit positions the oil cooler to the radiator side of the grille aperture as pictured above. Modifications to the front panel may be required, as shown. If you require an alternative mounting position, please contact us and we may be able to assemble the lines in alternative lengths.

The complete oil cooler kit includes:

  • Setrab 13-row oil cooler
  • Braided hose pipes
  • Cutter fittings
  • 5/8-inch UNF block adapter
  • MED race filter head
  • Filter head adapter
  • Gaskets and fixings

Please note - to install this kit on an SPi Mini engine block will require an alternative 11/16-inch UNF AN-8 adapter. 

Technical Specifications  
Working Pressure 0-10 bar(g) dynamic
Pressure Pulsation Endurance 200k pulsations, 0-10 bar(g), 2 Hz, 60°C oil temp
Max Pressure  12 bar(g)
Burst Pressure 37 bar(g)
Pressure Test 10 bar(g)
Leak Test 4 bar(g)
Working Temperature -40°C to 150°C
Corrosion Endurance  20 days according to SWAAT G85-94 A3
Inner Cleanliness  ISO 4406 16/14
General Dimensional Tolerances  ISO 2768-v
Material  Aluminium alloys
Max Connection Tightening Torque  40 Nm