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( £133.33 EXC VAT )

Our complete crankshaft pulley/damper kit comes as a balanced assembly, ready to fit, with a choice of three pulleys.

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( £133.33 EXC VAT )

The MED S Damper Kit comes assembled, balanced and ready to fit with a longer heavy-duty crankshaft bolt and washer.

The kit combines our popular MED Dynamic Damper Ring with a crankshaft pulley of your choice, precisely balanced in-house on our aerospace-grade machine.


  • MED Dyanamic Damper Ring
  • MED S Pulley / Management / Flat Management type
  • Fixings
  • MED heavy-duty damper bolt and washer

Select the management option if you require a crank trigger wheel for a crank position sensor.

The 'flat' alternative is to be used alongside an MED HTD Belt Drive Conversion