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** We are currently out of stock of grey pre-Verto clutch diaphragms. If you have a second-hand clutch diaphragm or are able to obtain one, we can balance an X-Lite Stage 4 assembly using your own. Please contact us for more information.**

The MED Stage 4 X-Lite Assembly includes our lightest EN24T competition steel flywheel, X-Lite aluminium backplate and race paddle clutch plate. It's the ideal setup for high-end trackday cars or full competition usage. 

The package is expertly assembled and dynamically balanced to order. Simply remove the diaphragm washer and spring clip before installation and there is no need to disassemble the package. Don't forget to refit the washer and clip after installation.  

The package includes:

  • MED X-Lite steel flywheel.
  • MED EN24T steel back plate.
  • MED bonded solid clutch plate.
  • Competition grey clutch cover.
  • Nine high quality drive straps.
  • Six EN16T steel drive bolts.
  • Full assembly and dynamic balance.

Flywheels are supplied with a pre-engaged starter motor ring gear only. 

The MED X-Lite St4 upgrades the clutch to a racing paddle plate.

Approximate weights 

X-Lite Steel Flywheel        2.62kg

X-Lite Alloy Backplate      0.74kg

Recommended usage

Upgrading to an MED steel flywheel not only saves weight, but also gives a more durable surface face on which to grip the clutch plate. The lighter the flywheel, the faster the engine will be able to increase/decrease RPM, making it more free-revving and responsive to throttle input. The lightest possible clutch and flywheel setup is ideal for a competition car, whereas a road car will benefit from more flywheel mass to retain drivability in traffic. 

The MED EN24T X-Lite is ideally suited to full competition usage - we would not recommend this flywheel for regular road usage. 

This flywheel will suit all transverse A-Series engines (Mini/Metro) with a pre-Verto clutch setup. It is possible to convert from Verto to pre-Verto by purchasing the MED Heavy Duty Clutch Operating Kit. Please note - this will not suit fuel-injected Rover Minis. See the MED SPi Flywheel or MED MPi Flywheel for these cars.