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Now available through MED the NXG Inline LSD from 3J Driveline Ltd.

Now available, through MED the NXG Inline LSD from 3J Driveline Ltd

  • The new NXG LSD offers the strongest, most progressive and versatile LSD unit available in the market place today with the following features.
  • The NXG plate pack now runs on 8 active surfaces giving maximum surface area and contact during use.
  • The new pre-load spacer allows torque to be preset to the required setting, giving infinite adjustment.
  • The new NXG LSD comes with 2 sets ramp angles machined into the ramp blocks giving you the customer the choice of progression.
  • The bevel and planet gear pack have also been redesigned with a larger stronger tooth profile eliminating rattle and excessive back lash.
  • The new NXG LSD will be available in a race version with 30/90 & 40/90 interchangable ramp angle block
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