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Our Extreme Front-Mount Radiator for the ultimate competition cooling setup.

The MED Extreme Front-mount Radiator is a super efficient aluminium design used by winning drivers in the Mini Se7en and Mini Miglia championship. These are also popular with trackday enthusiasts and for extreme road cars.

The radiators are professionally fabricated in the UK to a very high standard, so there may be cheaper options on the market, but they cannot be compared in build quality or cooling performance. 

Twin mounting pins are welded to the top and bottom, for straightforward custom mounting on the front subframe. Installers tend to either bolt or weld small tabs to the front subframe to accept the pins, with small braces between the top pins and the engine if desired.

Please note - this will be very difficult to install within a standard round-nose steel front end - a removable front end will help.

Also see the Dimensions tab for more detail.

  • Height - 260mm
  • Width - 590mm
  • Depth - 50mm
  • Width between the pins (W2) - 410mm
  • Height between top and bottom hoses (H2) - 90mm

The radiator uses 32mm outside diameter stubs, for which you will need a Large-bore Thermostat Housing.

We also keep a range of Silicone Coolant Hoses to suit.