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( £200.00 EXC VAT )

The slimline units offer increased power and weight saving over our original High-Torque starter motors.

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( £200.00 EXC VAT )

The slimline starter motor produces up to double the amount of cranking power of the standard type at 1.60 kW, with a similar profile and shape to original inertia units.

The unit weighs only 3.1kg - up to 20% lighter than our conventional high-torque starter motor.

A more effcient gear design enables the starter motor to turn over any high-compression race engine with ease. As a result, less current is required, placing less strain on your car's electrical system.

Please note that unlike many units on the market, this is a brand new starter motor and not remanufactured.

We can supply high-torque starter motors to work with inertia or pre-engaged flywheel ring gears. Inertia setups have 107 flywheel teeth and nine teeth on the starter motor pinion, whereas pre-engaged feature 129 flywheel teeth and 11 on the pinion. 

Please note: only suitable for negative earth cars. For early 1960s Minis with positive earth, please see the High-Torque variety, which is suitable for both positive and negative earth.

  • All new powerful  1.6kw gear reduced motor for increased torque.
  • Similar profile and shape to original inertia units retains period look.
  • Starts engine regardless of temperature and compression ratio.
  • Huge weight saving, only 3.1kg. Up to 20% lighter than our conventional high-torque motor.
  • Draws less current than the original high-torque starter motor.