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The Dual Cone Ram air system has been extensively flow bench tested on our own Superflow 110 flow bench to optimise flow.

The DCR system has been dyno tested on numerous race engines with the Weber 45 DCOE carburettor and produced a gain of between 4 to 6bhp over the standard-fitment ram pipes when correctly set up.

The central velocity stack creates more airflow into the auxiliary venturi, which will increase the air speed over the venturi and in turn amplify the mixture signal, bringing the engine on to cam earlier.

On the outer stub stack, an optimised elliptical form smoothes the airflow into the choke area, creating more bhp throughout the range. This is aided by the full-flow open-backed ITG foam filter.

Inserts fit inside the carburettor inlets to replace the standard ram pipes, manufactured with a spigot on the top face to locate the ITG filter base plate and stub stack. The stub stacks have a recess machined into the rear mounting face to locate on to the inserts.

Velocity stub stack spacers then locate in the stub stack, with the velocity stacks fitting on top of the spacers.

Kit contents:

  • Two central velocity stacks.
  • Four velocity stack spacers.
  • Two carburettor inserts. 
  • Aluminium filter base plate.
  • ITG foam air filter.
  • All fixings required.

Please note - may require light modification for master cylinder clearance on some left-hand-drive Minis.

Compared to paper or other filter technologies, reticulated polyester foam achieves optimum performance against three key criteria: Maximum Air Flow, Cleaning Efficiency and Dust Load-up Tolerance.

ITG filters allow air to pass through without causing a large drop in pressure, arresting a high proportion of airborne dust while feeding the engine clean air.

Dust Load-up Tolerance is the capability to absorb a large amount of dust without reducing air flow capacity.