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Stage 1 of the MED SPi Ultra Light steel clutch assemblies. This package utilises the solid turbo-spec clutch plate, which is ideally suited to fast road use. Fully assembled and dynamically balanced.

The MED SPi Mini flywheel is CNC turned from EN8 steel billet, with the reluctor teeth machined into the rear face. 

This design stops the teeth from slipping, which can occur on the standard flywheel. They are also machined to very close tolerances to maintain accurate timing when the engine is running.

In addition, the flywheel weighs less than the standard unit at just 4.18kg.

The Stage 1 kit is ideally suited to performance road cars and comes with the following components:

  • MED SPi Ultra Light EN8 steel flywheel
  • Turbo-spec solid clutch plate
  • Heavy-duty clutch cover
  • MED steel clutch centre
  • Six cover bolts
  • Dynamic balance

Upgrade to the St2 SPi Ultra Light for a higher performance clutch plate.