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The original Special Tuning head 8 port head.

The original eight-port cylinder head - this is the race version with larger inlet valves and special seats available. Ports and combustion chambers are CNC machined and ready to use. Combustion chamber is approximately 21cc.

It is supplied fully assembled with titanium top caps and race valves springs and uses larger 1.464" inlet valves and 1.216" exhaust valves. Will handle valve lifts up to 0.500"

Also in this kit is a set of correct length MED solid push rods, complete head stud set and a competition manifold gasket.

Steel conrods will be needed for clearance due to cam lobe configuration. 

Special eight-port camshaft profile is required. Special exhaust manifold is also required, all products can be found in our eight-port section. If you are unsure then please contact us.