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( £75.00 EXC VAT )

This is a custom-made gasket to fit when the 1275 engine bore centres have been offset bored to 73.5mm.

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( £75.00 EXC VAT )

The steel shim gaskets are 0.030-inch thick and made from three thin shims, which are riveted together. This particular gasket is custom-made by Cometic to suit 1275 engines offset bored to 73.5mm, and is not available anywhere else on the market.

The 'dry deck' option has blank water gallery holes, saving much machining time and cost on blanking the original water galleries in the block. 

We keep standard 'wet' gaskets, dry deck and also a version for the BMW K1100 motorbike head conversion. 

A small modification is required - see the Additional Information tag for fitment details. 

Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) head gaskets contain load-controlled embossments, which conform load distribution across sealing the area. This creates an exceptional seal by requiring less clamp load resulting in less bore distortion.

The stainless steel outer layers are coated with FKM (Viton), a high temperature/chemical resistant polymer. A topcoat of PTFE (Teflon) aids in resistance to fret and increased cold sealing. 

A small modification to the engine block will be required to allow gasket clearance. Take a small file to the edge of engine number tag location to relieve just enough material for the gasket to sit flush.