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Fully adjustable steel/alloy vernier timing gear set complete with IWIS competition timing chain.

The outer section of the camshaft sprocket is CNC machined from steel, while the inner section is CNC machined from aerospace 7075 alluminium with the same degree of lightening as our all-alloy timing gear set, including 7075 aluminium clamping washers.

The crankshaft sprocket is CNC machined from steel and now comes with extra deep key way and a full radius machined into the rear of the crankshaft mounting diameter.

This timing gear set will fit any standard A series crankshaft

The timing gear set comes complete with;

  • 2 x Allen countersink screws for the engine plate
  • 3 x Allen cap screws and spring washers to mount the camshaft triangle
  • IWIS duplex timing chain

Which cam timing setup is best?
The choice comes down to personal preference and usage. As a general rule we'd recommend the following:

Steel/alloy vernier duplex - High mileage road car, trackday and competition, 1.35kg.   
All-alloy vernier duplex - Weekend road car, trackday and competition, 0.9kg.
Alloy simplex race - Trackday and competition, 0.65kg.

By nature, the steel outer teeth of the steel/alloy setup are better suited to higher mileage applications. The all-alloy type teeth are machined from a tough 7075 aerospace aluminium and will withstand vigorous use, however, so many are used effectively on the road. 

Is lighter better?
The simplex type is aimed at race engines where every last gram matters, but we would not recommend this for regular road use. The lighter the rotating components in a racing engine, the faster it will be able to accelerate to its peak power band high up in the rpm range. On a standard or mildly tuned road car that's less of a concern.  

Do I keep the tensioner?
No, the MED duplex vernier is designed to run without the standard chain tensioner.

What should I torque the fixings to?
The cap head adjusters do not need to be excessively tight. Either tighten by hand with an Allen key, or torque to 12 lb.ft if you have a small enough torque wrench. The camshaft lock nut should be torqued to 70 lb.ft with the locktab in place.

How about the belt drive conversion?  
The belt drive conversion aims to reduce potentially damaging harmonics in the valve train and is considered to be the ultimate setup by many. We fit and use all types of cam timing setups in our engines and kits.