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Further to our ongoing development program we have now redesigned our steel 6.000" conrod to be one of the lightest and strongest on the market.

Following features come as standard with MED steel conrods...

  • Highest quality
  • Double air re-melt steel
  • Fully machined
  • Uniform machine peening
  • Balanced end to end within a gram
  • 100% magnaflux tested
  • Laser etched with our exclusive MED logo
  • Fitted with ARP fasteners
  • Supplied boxed into sets with ARP moly and full fitting instructions

What grade steel are these made from? 
Our conrods are fully machined from double air re-melted 817M40 forgings. All rods are shot peened using an automated process to increase fatigue strength and durability. The rods are balanced end over end into matched engine sets and are 100% magnaflux crack detected prior to final inspection by CMM in our temperature controlled inspection department. As part of the design process, we worked closely with ARP to select the best available fasteners.

Why upgrade from standard conrods?
Strength, light weight and high quality. H-section steel conrods are considerably stronger than mass-produced standard conrods, which were never designed for high performance applications. Standard conrods can be lightened and balanced, but even then our steel conrods will be lighter and stronger. The highly accurate production process allows for exact build tolerances; you will not find a higher quality A-Series conrod.

What pistons can I use?
This set features a bushed little end to accept fully-floating gudgeon pins in the lightweight 18mm design. They are an ideal match for any of our Omega forged pistons with 18mm pins.

Will they suit any A-Series engine?
These are designed for long-stroke 1275 engines with 1.625" Cooper S size big end journals - so either using a re-worked S crank or an MED EN40B billet crankshaft with an 86mm stroke. They will suit all cylinder head arrangements, even eight-ports that can cause camshaft clearance issues with standard rods. Use these alongside an 86mm stroke crankshaft and forged lightweight 73.5mm pistons to create an 'all-steel' 1460 engine.