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The latest evolution of Multi-web crankshaft, rods & piston design. After extensive design, development and dyno time, this is the world's best crankshaft, conrod and piston package available for the A-Series engine. Priced as a complete kit with capacity options as the drop down menu.

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( £3,083.33 EXC VAT )

The MED Multi-web crankshaft features an almost perfect 50/50 balance factor, which in conjunction with the new six-inch non-offset conrod, eliminates rotational twisting and piston side loadings normally associated with the standard A-Series configuration. With this crankshaft and conrod package, the engine will achieve a higher rpm and in turn maintain a higher bhp for longer.

Main features:

  • Full eight counterbalance webs - two extra 'Ghost' main bearings
  • Narrow width, large diameter big end journals - Hollow drilled big end journals
  • Knife-edged crankshaft webs
  • Extra long square section key way - C-clip groove deleted for extra nose rigidity


  • Straight non-offset conrods
  • Steel H-section design
  • 6.000" centres
  • 18mm little end
  • ARP fixings


  • Omega forged competition pistons
  • Lightweight 18mm pins
  • Narrow ring pack
  • Short compression height to suit 6.000" conrods


  • Competition grade
  • Main bearings, big ends, thrust washers

Why is an MED multiweb steel crankshaft better than a standard type?
The counterbalance effect is especially impressive with the multiweb, even more so than the regular EN40B steel crankshaft. An improved counterbalance effect helps to reduce the 'whip' often encountered with the three main bearing A-Series crankshaft, to improve longevity and performance at higher RPM levels. The design utilises a narrower yet larger diameter big end journal size for extra strength along the crankshaft. The EN40B steel crankshaft is best for when regulations do not permit a multiweb crankshaft – for all else this is the ultimate setup.

Is this a standard replacement?
Yes and no - it will fit a standard 1275 block but the gearbox housing will require a minor modification for clearance. We would also highly recommend a steel main cap upgrade, which will then require line-boring. The narrower big end journals mean that standard type conrods do not fit; therefore we can only supply the crankshaft as a complete package with conrods and pistons.

Does the crankshaft come with any certification?
The crankshafts are supplied fully balanced with certification, 100% crack detection and certification of material and heat treatments. Critical detail inspection reports are also supplied with the crankshafts.

Do I need to convert the block for a steel main cap set?
Ideally, yes. We would highly recommend an MED four-bolt steel main cap setAFS studs and line-boring of the block when upgrading to a steel crankshaft. An MED centre main strap isn't the ideal arrangement when using a high-end crankshaft.

Can you make me a steel crankshaft for my Ford Focus/Honda Civic/Subaru Impreza?
We specialise exclusively in the BMC A-Series engine and focus primarily on racing Minis and Spridgets. Currently we have no plans to design crankshafts for other vehicles/engines.