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Stainless steel locking plate for the MED crank damper pulley for extra bolt security.

The MED crank pulley locking plate is laser cut from stainless steel to suit the range of MED crankshaft dynamic damper/pulleys.

This is the most secure method of holding the crankshaft damper bolt in place. 

See the Fitting Method tab for more info.


  1. Fit crankshaft damper assembly
  2. Apply 27-01 thread lock and torque MED crankshaft bolt to 70lb/ft 
  3. Remove four cap head screws from crank pulley
  4. Install locking plate
  5. Apply thread lock and torque cap head screws to 10lb/ft

It is essential to reassemble a balanced crank damper assembly in the same position to retain an accurate balance.