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Our straight-cut close-ratio three synchromesh gear set is machined on the very latest CNC machinery allowing us to offer a perfect gear tooth form.

Our straight-cut close-ratio three synchromesh gear set is machined on the very latest CNC machinery allowing us to offer a perfect gear tooth form. This kit is intended for early Minis with a three-sync gearbox, with a 'crash gear' on first.

The gear kit is produced from EN36C and case hardened along with molybdenum sprayed baulk ring faces.

Our three-sync gear kit comes as a three-piece gear set, which includes:

  • Second gear
  • Third gear
  • Laygear
  • First motion shaft

Ratios are as follows:

  • First - 2.573:1    
  • Second - 1.722:1    
  • Third - 1.255:1    
  • Fourth - 1:1

See the Additional Information tab for more detail.

Which gearset do I need?
We offer four different gearsets for the Mini/Metro gearbox, all straight-cut close-ratio types for high performance applications. The Clubman gearset allows you to re-use first and reverse gear from the standard setup, but is only suitable for later rod-change gearboxes. The three-synchro gearset is intended for early Minis with three-synchro gearboxes.

The Race gearset utilises the same ratios as the original Special Tuning conversions and comes with new a first/reverse gear. It is available for both rod and remote-change gearboxes.

We then have the MED dog-engagement gearset, which does away with the baulkrings for superior strength in competition applications. For those racing or rallying a high performance Mini/Metro, the dog box is the ultimate choice. This can be supplied for rod or remote change gearbox housings, with an optional superfinish for even greater durability and reduced friction.

Why are the gears straight-cut?
The design of helical-cut gears, as found in standard gearboxes, leads to increased side (or axial) loadings on the transmission. As power outputs increase, this places greater strain on the transmission casing and bearings, in turn leading to reduced reliability. Using straight-cut gears allows us to design a stronger transmission within the standard casing. 

Can I use a straight-cut gearbox on the road?
Yes, no problem. There is a myth that driving with a straight-cut gearbox on the road is hard work. In fact a straight-cut synchromesh gearbox is no different in operation to a regular gearbox. Most cars use a straight-cut first/reverse gear; it is the swap to a dog-engagement racing gearset that will affect the drivability of a road car. We would not recommend using a dog-engagement gearset for daily road driving, but many still do.

Are straight-cut gearboxes more noisy?
Yes, although the distinctive whine is more noticable from straight-cut drop gears than the gearbox itself. Many people prefer the noise in any case! 

What does close ratio mean?
There's less difference between the size of the gears, meaning a reduced engine rpm drop as the next gear is selected. This keeps the engine within its optimum power band more effectively, resulting in better accelation through the gears. Fourth gear is still the same 1:1 ratio, but first tends to be taller than with a standard gearset, to bring the ratios closer together. The final drive ratio and wheel size need to be carefully considered to give the best results - contact us if you're unsure.