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( £305.00 EXC VAT )

All new design - Our new straight cut transfer gears sets. A must for any competition engine build.

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( £305.00 EXC VAT )

A must for any competition engine build

  • The primary gear has been totally redesigned. The tooth width is now 17.2mm long which is an increase of 2.4mm, this will give more contact area between the primary gear and idler gear helping reduce tooth wear commonly associated with this gear.
  • We have also incorporated a fully floating bush which is retained by a flat section circlip to help reduce primary bush failure.
  • The idler gear still retains the integral roller bearing, running on fixed axis within the gearbox and flywheel housings – probably the strongest and most reliable available for the ‘A’ series transmission.
  • The input gear has also been revised with extra width teeth to give greater tooth contact between both idler gear and input gear again to help reduce tooth wear commonly associated with in this area of the transmission.

Even with these enhanced modifications we are still able to offer our straight cut transfer gear set for £366.00 inc vat.

They make an indestructible drop gear set. The idler gear itself has a roller bearing fitted into the centre of the gear which in turn runs on the steel support shaft which is fitted into the gearbox casing. The steel top hat spacer then replaces the idler bearing within the flywheel housing which encapsulates the idler gear assembly when fitted.

There is no need for any shimming as all tolerances are taken up within the gear assembly, this itself can save time and further expense on over/under size shims and idler gear bearings


Available in the ratios as below, sold in engine sets of 1 x primary, 1 x roller bearing idler and 1 x input.

  • 1:1
  • 1:043

 Also available with A plus - Pre A plus - early 3 synchro sized idler gears,

For reference A plus has a 22mm idler gear shaft and Pre A plus has a 19mm idler shaft.

Please see choices above.

Now available for both 1275 and 998 primary gear please select from the list above.