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( £1,354.17 EXC VAT )

The ultimate competition gear kit, as used by champions in Mini Miglia, Mini Se7en, historic, sprint, hillclimb and rally events worldwide.

Also used by most premier engine builders with ultimate reliability.

Available super finished for optimum performance and durability, for either early remote change or late rod change gear casings. 

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( £1,354.17 EXC VAT )

The ultimate in competition gearbox kits for the Mini, used by race winners and champions worldwide. Our gear kit is CNC machined to exacting tolerances with a five-dog engagement.

The gears are CNC machined from vacuum arc remelted (VAR) S156 steel and are then Cryogenic treated for ultimate performance and durability. The gears are designed to run with very little backlash, to eliminate gear tooth wear commonly associated with other dog-engagements gear kits on the market.

The modular selector forks are CNC machined from aerospace 7075 aluminium, which retains the same tensile strength as steel. The kits are also supplied with the needle roller bearing for both ends of the laygear, along with the first/third needle roller bearing and CNC-machined first and third motion locknuts.

Also available superfinished for optimum performance and durability. Superfinishing gears using chemically-accelerated vibratory finishing provides a surface-textured property that facilitates lubrication.

The superfinished gears will experience reduced friction, lower operating temperature, less wear, better scuffing resistance, and better contact fatigue resistance, all of which contributes to a better running transmission.

For further information on ratios and kit contents, see the Additional Information tab.

Also see the MED Pinion Support Housing, which is ideally suited to this gear set installation.

MED dog engagement gear ratios:

  • 1st  2.239
  • 2nd 1.568
  • 3rd 1.244
  • 4th  1.1

The kit includes:

  • Complete main shaft assembly – fully assembled
  • 1st motion gear – 4th gear
  • Laygear
  • 1 st > 2nd modular selector fork
  • 3 rd > 4th modular selector fork
  • Reverse gear
  • Laygear needle roller bearings
  • 1stmotion – 4th gear needle roller bearing

Now complete with 1st and 3rd motion lock nuts CNC-machined from EN24T steel.