We can offer a full race car build service from FIA app K, Mini Miglia to custom specials. Full shell preparation, roll cage installation, paint work, bespoke building along with customised brake and wiring kits are just a few points along the way. We can have a car prepared and finished in a very favourable time and have you out competing in a very competitive car.


Preparing a shell is not a straight forward job and takes a lot of professional knowledge and expertise. Every component goes through a pre assembly check on the shell, this allows any modifications or adjustments to be made before any paintwork is applied.

We have a very experience body shop who can take care of your mini, prepare and install a full roll cage. We use a special epoxy treatment to help the mini against corrosion and then carry out a full paint job both inside and out. The shell is then ready for its next step of the build process.

After paintwork the shell is treated with extreme care. Bespoke wiring looms with aircraft specification joints and switches are installed, special brake lines and kits are fitted and then the main build starts to take shape. This process doesn't usually take much time as the main pre build has already taken place.

Once all stages are complete set ups are carried out along with tests on the rolling road. We always then recommend a test session at a local track to settle the car down and re-check all the settings. If you think that we might be able to help with your project then please get in touch.


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