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Maniflow's latest ST3 large-bore LCB racing exhaust manifold.

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( £354.17 EXC VAT )

Maniflow's latest ST3 large-bore LCB exhaust manifold is ideally suited to 1275-based racing engines.

All primaries now have extra large radial bends from the manifold face to aid gas flow. Both outer primaries are 1.5-inches in diameter, extended in length, which in turn gives a broader power band.

The centre primary has an enlarged 1.75-inch diameter pipe that creates a vortex, simulating a pulsing effect similar to the outer primaries. 

The manifold face is matched to the large bore gasket size, making this an ideal match for our race-specification cylinder heads.

If you're looking for a complete exhaust system for a competition Mini, the two-inch RCM Race Exhaust is the perfect match for this manifold.

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