Hours on the track setting up your car will give you unbeatable results, our 35+ years worth of knowledge will help you along the way. Take a look through and see what we can offer for your racing project.


Testing is key to a competitive car, tyres, suspension, engine and most importantly driver all make the end result. We have spent many hours on the track and know what works, we can pass this knowledge on to you to help build your success.

Working alongside some of the leading parts suppliers gives us 1st class support and back up both at the track and workshops to get the best from the whole car.

Setting up the car is the main reason why we highly recommend test sessions. Our aim here is to optimize all the adjustable parameters of your mini in order to get the best performance possible for the season ahead.


As always practice sessions are very restricted in time and can be very busy depending on the venue so we must make the best out of the time available. When we arrive for testing we will have already discussed a base plan for changes that may be required.

This will represent a busy period for the team because the driver will need to try many different setup changes to hopefully improve lap times.


By the end of the session we want the whole team to feel that we have achieved a perfect set up.

Hopefully lap times will be consistent, more knowledge will be taken in by the driver on how the car handles, feels and responds to certain track conditions.

If we can help or advise you in anyway then please get in touch and we will be only to happy to help.


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