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The latest evolution of MED cambelt kit for all A-Series engines, road to full race.

The MED Vernier Belt Drive kit replaces the traditional timing chain setup with a high quality Gates belt, aiming to dampen any potentially damaging harmonics from the valve train. It is easily adjustable to perfect camshaft timing in situ.

The updated design removes the tensioner to allow for a more compact setup, therefore enabling fitment on both Mini and inline (Sprite/Midget) engines. This unique new design uses a Mini primary gear oil seal for the camshaft and a readily available seal for the crankshaft. See the related products below for spares.

Features include:

  • CNC-machined aluminium housing with removable cover to enable access to camshaft timing without removal of the crankshaft pulley.
  • Large diameter crankshaft pulley with belt retaining rails to retain rigidity along the key way and resist cracks.
  • Adjustable camshaft vernier pulley machined from 7075 aluminium.
  • Easily available oil seals for both camshaft and crankshaft.
  • Compatible with standard timing plates or the upgraded MED aluminium Mini timing plate.
  • Mounting holes for optional crank position sensor bracket, for engine management systems.