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For almost 40 years we have been building race-winning engines for customers worldwide. We continually develop our product range to meet the ever-growing demand for power and reliability. Alongside our own unique components, we collaborate with some of the best names in the industry to provide top quality race engine builds.



Building a powerful yet reliable race engine is no simple task. The level of preparation and machining involved in building a front-running A-Series engine often defies belief!


We can build any specification of race engine from FIA Appendix K Historic through to a fire breathing 1460 eight-port on fuel injection.


We only install new MED steel billet crankshafts in our engines, and insist upon dyno testing each unit so it is ready to install, run and win races!


Please note that as general rule we no longer build complete road engines in-house, but continue to supply many specialists who will be able to help. Contact us and we can make further recommendations.


We start the process by meeting with the customer to discuss their plans and racing schedule. We’ll then work towards a final engine specification and look closely at the rules and regulations.


We’re already in tune with the majority of race series, but are always open to new formulas.


The donor engine block, cylinder head and gearbox casing are then inspected. In most cases these are supplied by the customer, but we do have limited stocks of core units available. We check for damage, corrosion and previous modifications, then send the block away for chemical cleaning if serviceable.


Extensive machining follows, then a pre-build of the short engine. This determines finished piston heights and other dimensional clearances, giving us the data to machine the final components to our exacting standards. The clutch assembly will be assembled, carefully centralised and finally dynamically balanced along with crankshaft, conrods, pistons and damper assembly.


Particular attention to camshaft profile and timing is applied at this stage. Cylinder head design and rocker geometry is of great importance on all A-Series race builds, the engine performing best in a harmony of carefully modified and hand chosen components.


There is no one-size-fits-all specification, and techniques evolve constantly in the quest for more power. The transmission is precisely prepared, machining the gear casing for bespoke differentials, gear train and transfer gears. Once a trial build to check all tolerances and pre-loads has taken place, the transmission is finally assembled.


Around four days of extensive modification are applied by hand to the cylinder head. Ports are modified to a chosen profile along with the combustion chambers, before special three-angle valve seats are cut on our cylinder head machine.


A final reface on our CNC mill then creates the optimum compression ratio for the engine. Completed engines are run on the dyno and carefully monitored during the vital bedding-in period. Once safely run-in, we then tune the engine and perform a final power run.


We aim to keep all customers satisfied with competitive engine packages.


To that end we can offer mid-season check-ups of your race engine and end-of-season rebuilds to evaluate and further develop performance.


We have a highly experienced team on hand, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your engine plans. We can run through all options and arrange a meeting to go through the specification in more detail.