We are still shipping daily to the EU via Fedex, with only a couple of small changes now in place for your orders. This is a fast and reliable service.

Please rest assured that we have been shipping outside of the EU for over 30 years and are well versed in the paperwork and shipping procedures.


As part of Brexit, we no longer charge VAT on sales to Europe, so once you enter your non-UK address at the checkout, the VAT will be removed from your order. Simple!

We attach the correct commercial invoice to your order when booking in with Fedex, so you will be contacted by the courier when the goods are in transit to pay for any local handling fees/tax. This means you deal directly with Fedex to avoid any unnecessary delays.


Please be aware that VAT will now be collected at the point of import by the courier, and this may be different depending on your local VAT rate. 

Any charges not paid will result in the shipment being returned to the UK, and you will be liable to cover these costs, so please take time to check your local VAT procedures/rates before ordering.