MED 1.5 Roller Rockers Updated

We first launched our gold roller-tip rocker assemblies in 2008, and having sold almost 2000 sets since then, for 2024 we've decided upon a refresh.

These rockers still take advantage of a large diameter (17mm) shaft for increased strength and durability, but the arms themselves now feature a profile reminiscent of our full-race LDX set.

The original design was perfectly strong, but these are designed to be stronger again, with a more attractive finish compared to the previous flat-tops.

Moving away from the gold and silver anodised finish, we've updated to a more subtle grey and black colour scheme. They do look the business.

It always seems a shame to hide these away beneath the rocker cover, but you'll see them at service time or when adjusting the tappet clearances!

Elsewhere, we've kept with the larger 3/8" UNF adjusters and lock nuts, which add strength compared to standard rockers.

The arms themselves are still machined from 7075 aluminium, a grade used in high-strength low-weight aerospace and automotive applications. According to Wikipedia, this was even used by NASA on the space shuttle rocket nozzles, and parts of the Saturn V rocket.

So it's not a budget-grade aluminium, that's for sure!

One of the common failures of cheaper rockers in past was the roller pins, which had a tendency to snap and fall out. At best, you'll have bits of steel pumping around your engine, at worst, the arms effectively become a valve spring compressor.

The end result is a dropped valve and much damage. To avoid this, our rockers have a three-way fixing of the roller pins, with a flanged head, internal spline and circlip. All of these features combined does push the price up, but it's worth it.

The new 1.5 roller rockers are online now, either on their own or as part of a complete camshaft kit.

As ever, if you have any questions, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Stephen Colbran

May 2024