New X-Lite Timing Kit

We've recently redesigned our competition timing chain kit for the A-Series engine, both Mini and inline. The latest X-Lite kit offers a 27% weight saving over the vernier adjustable steel/alloy timing kit, with a one-piece 7075 aluminium sprocket for the crankshaft.

The new kit weighs in at just 900g including the Iwis twin-row chain, compared to the 1.25kg of the steel/alloy kit. It's ideally suited to high-rpm competition A-Series engines, where every last gram of weight saving makes a difference, especially so on the rotating/reciprocating components.

Timing on the new kit is infinitely adjustable via the neat multi-key way slots in the steel crankshaft pulley. Each sprocket tooth of rotation on the crank pulley equates to 2-degrees of cam timing adjustment.

We've opted to spread the load of this new kit with a twin-row chain, the main aim to improve longevity of the cam sprocket.

And although this is an alloy cam sprocket, don't forget it's CNC machined from 7075 aluminium, a high grade often used in aerospace applications, so it will stand up to the rigours of full-competition use. 

A new range

Previously we manufactured a steel/alloy Duplex vernier kit, an all-alloy Duplex kit, and then a racing Simplex version. Add to that the cambelt and gear drive system, and the choice could be a bit overwhelming if you were new to A-Series engine tuning! 

So to avoid any confusion and cross-over, we have simplified the range, and now have the steel/alloy 'Ultra Light' chain kit, the new 'X-Lite' version and the ever-popular cambelt conversion. 

The new X-Lite kit is available now and comes complete with a genuine Iwis German timing chain (not a budget stretchy option!) and the countersunk/button head screws for the timing plate and triangle plate. 

Which A-Series timing kit to choose?

The choice comes down to the intended application, and also personal preference.

The MED Ultra Light Vernier Duplex is suitable for all applications, from high-mileage road cars, to trackday and even full competition cars. With steel outer sprocket teeth, this is a good compromise between longevity and weight.

If you are building a high-performance engine and are looking to save every gram possible, the new MED X-Lite Duplex kit is some 27% lighter, with a one-piece 7075 aluminium camshaft sprocket. This is best suited to lower mileage weekend warrior road cars, or for trackday and competition usage.

A third option is the MED Vernier Cambelt Drive, which we consider to be the ultimate setup regardless of the application. Swapping to a belt considerably reduces the weight of the rotating assembly while damping potentially damaging harmonics from the valve train. The downside? You'll need to change the belt more frequently than a chain. 


Stephen Colbran

September 2023