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Our bespoke breather system complete with under wing catch tank, fixtures, fittings and a special vintage wrap effect silicone hose. The kit is designed for competition Minis, with the two-litre catch tank mounted under the right inner wing.

High performance A-Series engines tend to run higher crankcase pressure and need larger breathers to avoid damage to oil seals and gaskets. This kit allows the engine to breath more effectively, catching any oily residue in the process. Most race circuits frown upon open breathers; in many cases an oil catch tank is mandatory.  

The MED kit allows you to connect the transfer housing breather outlet to the rocker cover, then the rocker cover to the catch tank via a 25mm hose.

Choose from a Polished Aluminium Rocker Cover or a painted black steel type. Steel rocker covers are refurbished and modified originals, so expect minor imperfections. 

Kit contents:

  • Choice of rocker cover - painted steel or polished aluminium.

  • Stainless steel rocker cover fittings.

  • Rocker cover gasket.

  • Vintage wrap effect silicone hose, to be trimmed to the correct lengths.

  • Hose clips to suit.

  • 90-degree aluminium joiner and transfer case fitting.

  • Aluminium two-litre under-wing catch tank.

  • 25mm breather filter.