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Originally developed on our own works historic Mini, Quantum Zero. One dampers are proven to be the best single-way adjustable damper on the market, now with CNC-machined aluminium bodies and spherical ends to suit ultra high performance trackday and competition Minis. 

A single-clicker adjuster provides quick and easy adjustment of low-speed damping. The solitary adjuster has 24 positions and affects bleed across the piston in both compression and rebound, to keep adjustment straightforward. 

These no-compromise dampers are gas pressurised and fully serviceable; a real step up in quality and performance over entry-level adjustable dampers.  

Quantum was the first to introduce to Formula 1 a two-way adjustable mono-tube damper without a reservoir canister that was entirely adjustable on the car. Placing the adjusters inside the shaft puts them in parallel with the piston, which is the best location for an effective adjuster. 

Increasing the volume of oil available to the adjuster means the adjuster can be made larger, thereby making it less sensitive to manufacturing tolerances. Increasing the area the adjuster acts upon reduces the pressure inside the shock absorber, allowing it to respond quicker to small movements and high frequencies. All Quantum dampers are based upon this simple idea.


  • Ultra high performance single-adjustable monotube damper

  • Spherical rod ends for trackday and competition usage

  • Easily adjustable on-car

  • 6026-grade aluminium anodised bodies

  • Front length: 302mm open, 227mm closed (inc 52mm bump stop)

  • Rear length: 271mm open, 196mm closed (inc 52mm bump stop)

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