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Part No: MED-1401-SD
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The MED S Damper Kit comes assembled, balanced and ready to fit with a longer heavy-duty crankshaft bolt and washer.

The kit combines our popular MED Dynamic Damper Ring with a crankshaft pulley of your choice, precisely assembled and balanced in-house on our aerospace-grade machine. All pulleys work with a regular V-belt.

Kit contents:

  • MED dynamic damper ring

  • MED S pulley of your choice

  • Fixings

  • MED heavy-duty damper bolt and washer

  • Pulley lock plate

Pulley choice:

  • Regular - standard replacement pulley kit, distributor ignition.

  • Management - integral 36:1 teeth for a crank position sensor kit and standard timing cover.

  • Management flat - as above, but to suit the MED cambelt, MED alloy cam timing cover or 16-valve engine.

If you'd like a crank position sensor to accompany the management pulley, please see the MED crank position sensor kit for a standard timing cover, or the MED cambelt crank position sensor kit for one of our cambelt kits or cam timing covers.

Torque the bolt to 70lb.ft, with a dab of regular strength threadlock. For extra fitting tips and advice, please see the Additional Information tab.   



Additional Information

Fitment tips

  • To ensure the pulley is a snug fit on all engines, in some cases light honing of the centre bore may be required. If fitment is too tight, check for burrs on the end of the crankshaft tail and also the key.
  • Check that the large crank bolt does not bottom-out in your crankshaft thread before fitting the pulley. On rare occasions, the thread may not be fully tapped and the longer bolt may bottom out before the pulley is tight.
  • Apply a small amount of medium strength thread lock to the large crank bolt and torque to 70lb.ft
  • Now mark the position of the damper to the pulley before removing the four cap head screws, to maintain the balance.
  • The lock plate installs over the central bolt, and is fixed in place by the four cap head screws. Apply a small dab of thread lock and re-torque to 18lb.ft
  • For ignition timing setup, turn the engine to TDC and mark across from the timing bracket (if fitted) to the damper with a paint pen or scribe. This position will vary from one timing cover to another.
  • For engine management, check where the missing 36:1 tooth needs to sit in relation to the position sensor when the engine is at TDC. Mark the tooth, remove the pulley from the damper, noting the position to maintain balance, and remove the chosen tooth. This should not significantly affect the balance.