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The MED Ultra Light Verto flywheel is CNC machined from EN8 steel and weighs approximately 2.2kg less than the standard unit at just 3.55kg, taking the complete assembly to only 8.5kg. 

This kit comes fully assembled and dynamically balanced to within 1 gram on our in-house balancing rig, ready to run. 

Stage 2 is ideally suited to a highly-tuned road Mini with the later Verto-style clutch assembly, producing up to 150lb.ft torque.

You'll instantly notice improvement to the car's acceleration off the line, while the precision balancing will result in smoother running engine. The clutch is perfectly usable for everyday traffic, but it will obviously give a firmer pedal than with the standard cover.

Stage 2 kit specification:

  • MED Ultra Light EN8 steel flywheel (3.55kg)

  • Organic bonded clutch plate

  • MED uprated clutch cover 

  • MED steel clutch centre

  • Assembled and dynamically balanced to within 1g, ready to fit

  • Fitted with a pre-engaged ring gear

For less powerful applications, try the St1 Verto Ultra Light, which includes uses a standard-spec clutch cover and performance road plate.

Please see the Additional Information tab for further spec and recommendations.


Additional Information

Approximate weights 

Ultra Light Verto Steel Flywheel     3.55kg
Complete assembly      8.5kg

Recommended usage

Upgrading to an MED steel flywheel not only saves weight, but also gives a more durable surface face on which to grip the clutch plate. The lighter the flywheel, the faster the engine will be able to increase/decrease RPM, making it more free-revving and responsive to throttle input. 

MED Verto Ultra Light is our preferred option for performance road cars. The flywheel itself weighs approximately 2kg less than the standard type, while the later Verto clutch arm design gives an easier clutch pedal than the early diaphragm type. MED Verto flywheels are also suitable for light competition usage. 

This flywheel will suit all transverse A-Series engines (Mini/Metro) with a Verto clutch setup. Please note - this will not suit fuel-injected Rover Minis. See the MED SPi Flywheel or MED MPi Flywheel for these cars. 

Alternative options

If you prefer the original diaphragm-type clutch setup, it is possible to retrofit a Verto-equipped Mini with an MED Heavy Duty Clutch Operating Kit.

You will need to remove the slave cylinder mounting bracket and use a different clutch hose/flywheel bolt, but everything else is a direct swap. The advantage in swapping to the original design is reduced overall mass of the clutch/flywheel assembly, which is ideal for competition.

The downside is a heavier clutch pedal, hence why we recommend the Verto system for regular road use.