Part No: MED-5921-CC
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Now that very few cars use traditional points ignition distributors, the quality of the serviceable components is not what it used to be. Here's a high quality replacement for the increasingly unreliable standard condenser. 

These replace all Lucas-style condensers, so although we list this as a competition unit, it could be used to improve reliability on all manner of engines. If you're having ignition problems, this could be the fix. 

The condenser is mounted externally from the distributor as it is physically larger than the standard type. See the Additional Information tab for fitting instructions.


Additional Information

Fitment Instructions

- Remove the original condenser. The points will remain connected with the original wiring.

- Mount the new condenser close to the ignition coil.

- Connect the female Lucar terminal to the negative side of the coil (on negative earth cars).

- Connect the ring terminal to a good quality earth.