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Exclusive to MED, these Aldon units are built into brand new housings with high-end electronic ignition modules for the best reliability. The modified advance curves have been developed to best suit our range of road and race camshafts, but will also work well with alternative performance cams.

Aldon builds our AYi units with Stage 2 Ignitor modules for fast road usage and the ARi units with Stage 3 Ignitor modules for full race use.

Always check the specifications when comparing prices with our competitors, as we insist on the highest quality internals.  

We can supply four types of distributor - two advance curves, to suit either A-Series or A+ engines. Please contact us if you need further advice.

Distributor options:

  • MED-AY2i, fast road, A-Series, with St2 ignitor module.

  • MED-AYP2i, fast road, A+, with St2 ignitor module.

  • MED-AR3i, race, A-Series, with St3 ignitor module.

  • MED-ARP3i, race, A+, with St3 ignitor module.

If you require a points-equipped competition distributor for historic racing, see the Aldon Historic Distributor.

Please note, this distributor is only suitable for negative earth applications.