Part No: MED-1960-HF
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Over many years we have collected large stocks of individual engine and transmission gaskets for the A-Series and A-plus.

If you only need one or two items, rather than a complete Engine Gasket Set, this should save you some pennies.

Available gaskets:

    • HIFF44 carburettor mouth to inlet manifold/spacers

    • Heater tap for the cylinder head

    • Mechanical water pump to block

    • Mechanical fuel pump to block

    • Engine front plate, A-plus

    • Engine front plate, A-Series

    • Transfer case breather

    • Speedo pinion drive plate

    • Half moon seal for engine to transmission

    • Rocker cover cork gasket, 11-stud

    • Transfer case to engine block

    • Gearbox to block, rod change

    • Gearbox to block, remote change

    • Timing cover, A-Series

    • Thermostat

    • Oil pick-up

    • HIFF44 carburettor to inlet elbow

    • Oil filter head to block

    • Speedo housing end plate

    • Speedo housing inspection plate

Choose from the options in the dropdown menu above. Gaskets will vary in colour and source.