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The MED Stage 1 X-Lite Assembly includes our 2.5kg EN24T competition steel flywheel, EN24T steel back plate and MED organic competition clutch plate. It's the ideal setup for high-end trackday cars or full competition usage. 

We always recommend an EN24T steel flywheel when using one of our EN40B steel crankshafts.

The package is expertly assembled, centralised and dynamically balanced within 1 gram. We would recommend this kit for Minis with up to 125lb.ft torque.

Overall weight is an incredible 4.8kg.

Kit specification:

  • MED X-Lite steel flywheel - 2.50kg.

  • Ribbed and pocketed rear clutch face to improve cooling.

  • CNC machined from EN24T, then nitride hardened.

  • MED EN24T steel back plate - 0.87kg.

  • MED organic competition clutch plate.

  • Competition orange clutch cover.

  • Nine high quality drive straps.

  • Six EN16T steel drive bolts.

  • Full assembly and dynamic balance.

                To install without disturbing the balance, remove the large thrust washer and spring clip from the diaphragm and there is no need to disassemble the clutch/flywheel to install the bolt. 

                X-Lite Flywheels are machined with a pre-engaged starter motor ring gear only. Please see the additional information tab for further advice.

                If you'd prefer a grey diaphragm and paddle clutch plate, look instead towards the MED X-Lite St2 kit


                Additional Information

                Flywheel compatibility

                Upgrading to an MED steel flywheel not only saves weight, but also gives a more durable surface on which to grip the clutch plate. The lighter the flywheel, the faster the engine will be able to increase/decrease RPM, making it more free-revving and responsive to throttle input.

                The X-Lite is our lightest possible clutch and flywheel setup and is ideal for a competition Mini. For regular road use, you may prefer to look at our Ultra Light range, which carries a bit more weight. However, we have known customers using X-Lite kits on the road for more extreme builds.

                This flywheel will suit all transverse A-Series engines (Mini/Metro) with a pre-Verto clutch setup and is particularly well paired to EN40B steel crankshafts, the stronger steel giving better resistance to fretting on the taper.

                It is possible to convert from Verto to pre-Verto by purchasing the MED Heavy Duty Clutch Operating Kit. Please note - this will not suit fuel-injected Rover Minis. See the MED SPi Flywheel or MED MPi Flywheel for these cars. 

                Pre-engaged only

                To reduce weight and improve balance, the flywheel's ring gear teeth are CNC machined as part of the manufacturing process, and we have chosen the later pre-engaged tooth profile. Pre-engaged starter motors have an in-built solenoid, and were fitted from the advent of the Verto style flywheel in the early 1980s.

                For reference, pre-engaged flywheels have 129 teeth on the ring gear, inertia types have 107 teeth. Make sure to use the correct starter motor, or you will damage the ring gear.

                Why choose X-Lite?

                Reducing flywheel mass improves the Mini's acceleration considerably, more so than the overall weight loss.

                Standard factory flywheels can weigh over 7.5kg alone, so the incredible 4.8kg overall weight of the X-Lite assembly will make your Mini accelerate much faster, feel more responsive, enable slicker racing downshifts and massively improve lap times.

                Fitting advice

                We would highly recommend purchasing a complete balanced flywheel assembly and fitting it in one piece to retain the balance. You may wish to lap the flywheel gently to the crankshaft taper before fitment, being careful to remove all traces of paste before final installation.

                Firstly lock the engine in position with a Mini flywheel locking tool. Torque the MED pre-Verto flywheel bolt to 130lb/ft, to seat flywheel on the crankshaft taper.

                Now undo the bolt, apply a drop of standard-grade thread lock to the thread and re-torque to 130lb/ft. This will ensure the flywheel is properly seated on the crankshaft taper.