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First developed by MED in the '90s, the latest X-Lite flywheel is CNC machined from EN24T steel to the lightest possible design, then nitrided for strength and durability. 

We have paid close attention to reducing material from the outer diameter where it has the most effect, while further lightening around the central boss brings the mass down to an incredible 2.50kg.

The ribbed and pocketed rear clutch face helps to increase cooling ability for full competition usage. 

Pre-engaged starter ring gear teeth are CNC machined into the flywheel itself to aid balance and reduce weight.

Tech specs:

  • Weighs just 2.5kg. 

  • Ideally suited to high performance competition engines.

  • Pre-engaged starter motor ring gear only.

  • Supplied with aluminium drive strap spacers.

  • Well balanced design.

  • Suitable for an MED steel crankshaft.

  • EN24T steel back plate weighs just 0.87kg. 

Although the X-Lite is well balanced by design, we would still recommend having the clutch assembly balanced.

You may find it beneficial to purchase a complete X-Lite flywheel kit, as this comes pre-assembled, centralised and balanced, ready to fit.

Please see the additional information tab for more detail.


Additional Information

Extra strength 

Upgrading to an MED steel flywheel not only saves weight, but also gives a more durable surface face on which to grip the clutch plate. The X-Lite is CNC-machined from EN24T steel, stronger than the EN8 steel, so we can safely remove more material. 

The stronger steel much reduces the likelihood of the flywheel fretting on the taper of an EN40B steel crankshaft, a common problem on standard flywheels that can cause irreparable damage to both flywheel and crank. 

Post-machining, the flywheels are heat treated to further improve longevity, which is especially important on a one-piece design when the starter motor ring gear teeth are integral. 

Improved acceleration 

A flywheel can be considered as a mechanical energy storage device, almost like a battery, soaking up kinetic energy to smooth-out power delivery from the engine to the wheels, via the transmission. The lighter the flywheel, the less energy will be sapped from the engine under acceleration, as there is physically less mass to rotate. 

Therefore, a lighter flywheel will allow the engine to increase RPM more freely, making it more responsive to throttle input. In turn this will improve acceleration of the car, more so than removing the same weight from static items such as panels and trim…or the driver! 

The lightest possible clutch and flywheel setup is ideal for a competition Mini, improving acceleration from a standing start and when pulling out of corners. This is possible without increasing the power of the engine. 

For competition Minis 

This flywheel will suit all transverse A-Series engines (Mini/Metro) with a pre-Verto clutch setup. It is possible to convert from Verto to pre-Verto by purchasing the MED Heavy Duty Clutch Operating Kit. 

The only Minis this will not suit are the 1991-onwards cars with fuel-injection, as they run the crank position sensor on the flywheel itself. Please see the MED SPi Flywheel or MED MPi Flywheel for these cars. 

As a side note, if you are planning on driving your performance Mini regularly on the road, you may prefer a slightly heavier flywheel, such as the MED Ultra Light. When cruising on main roads for long periods of time, a slightly heavier flywheel should make the Mini easier to drive. The X-Lite is best reserved for competition Minis, trackday or very high performance road cars. 

Clutch compatibility 

We would highly recommend purchasing a complete assembly, as this comes with the matching EN24T steel back plate centralised to the flywheel, spec’d with either a high performance organic clutch plate or paddle. The complete kits are balanced dynamically, meaning we balance the flywheel in isolation and then the back plate and diaphragm. It’s all torqued-up, checked and comes ready to fit.

If you prefer to assemble and balance the components yourself, any 180mm competition Mini clutch plate should be compatible with this flywheel.