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Part No: MED-3603-NXI
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The latest NXG limited-slip differential offers the strongest, most progressive and versatile LSD unit on the market for competition AH Sprites and MG Midgets.

The NXG plate pack runs on eight active surfaces, giving maximum surface area and contact during use.

Dual ramp angles allow an internal change from the standard 30/90-degrees to 40/90-degrees, to adjust aggression under acceleration and best suit your driving style. 

A 90-degree deceleration ramp unlocks the diff entirely under braking, aiding turn-in. Once back on throttle, both rear wheels effectively grip the tarmac to accelerate the car through the apex and on to the next straight.

No longer will you light-up the unloaded inside tyre and need to back-off the throttle, resulting in greatly improved lap times. 

Design features:

  • 30/90-degree ramp angles (with ability to change to 40/90) and 70lb.ft pre-load.

  • Infinite adjustment of the pre-load is possible.

  • The bevel and planet gear pack have a larger, stronger tooth profile to eliminate rattle and excessive back lash.

  • Large diameter clutch pack for improved contact and longevity.

  • Fully rebuildable with spare clutch packs in stock.

  • Suitable for the standard crownwheel.

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