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The MED Ignition Management Kit includes everything you need to convert a Mini to a high quality programmable DTA ignition system. 

This gives the best of both worlds for the high performance A-Series engine - a programmable distributorless ignition system that retains the simplicity of fueling with carburettors. It will offer improved power and drivability once correctly mapped on a rolling road or dyno, for race or road applications.

DTA software is known for its user-friendly interface and is widely used by professional tuners. 

If you have an MED Cambelt Conversion or an MED Alloy Timing Cover, we can supply an alternative trigger wheel and CPS to suit.

 Kit contents:

    • DTA T2i ECU

    • Mini-specific loom

    • Magnecor 7mm plug lead set

    • Coil pack

    • Crank position sensor

    • MED damper kit with trigger wheel

    • Distributor blanking plug

We've teamed up with DTA to bring you a Mini-specific professional wiring loom to make installation simple. The loom comes with connections for the following:

    • Crank position sensor

    • Coil pack

    • MAP sensor

    • Throttle Position Sensor

    • Fused 12-volt ignition

    • Ground

    • Tacho

    • Shift light

The loom has been designed to fit the coil pack up on a Mini bulkhead, to plug straight into our crank position sensor kits and for the ECU to fit around the dashboard area. 

T-Series engine control units are powered by an all-new, automotive specific, multi-core processor. They feature Bosch lambda controllers for maximum accuracy, multiple safety redundancies, high resolution map tables, fully configurable I/O and up to 32Mb of up to 1Khz logging with compression algorithms for fast log downloads.

The PC software has a user-friendly, responsive design for better readability on high resolution monitors using high scaling (DPI). It features a full oscilloscope for crankshaft/camshaft signal analysis and allows firmware to be upgraded without special cables or separate software.