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All MED camshafts are machined from cross-drilled steel blanks, never re-profiled, so you can be assured of the highest quality product. Our three profiles have been developed specifically for road use with over 35 years of A-Series experience.

The Stage 3 kit comes with the following components;

    • Cross-drilled billet camshaft
    • Chilled iron cam follower set
    • Camshaft lock tab
    • Steel-backed oil pump
    • Camshaft timing disc
    • Double valve springs
    • Steel/alloy vernier duplex timing kit
    • 1.5:1 roller rockers

Camshaft profile choice;

    • MED HT - An excellent road camshaft, 256/256 duration with a power band from 1000-6000rpm

    • MED RS - Our Road Sport camshaft, 270/284 duration with a power band from 1250-6500rpm

    • MED XT - Our track day camshaft, 280/280 duration with a power band from 2500-7250rpm

    • MED MPi - Designed for fast road multi-point injection Minis, 252/264 duration, power band from 1500-6500rpm 

    • MED T3 - Special forced induction camshaft, 264/276 duration with reduced overlap

This kit is designed specifically for the 1275 engine; the rockers will not suit a 998/1098 cylinder head.

See the Additional Information tab for further advice. 


Additional Information

Which camshaft should I choose?
It's entirely dependant on your driving preferences and the spec of the other engine components. Road trip mile muncher or daily driver? The most civilised HT profile would be ideal. Fast road car for country lane blasts? RS makes a good compromise. Fast road/trackday/rally car for the weekend? Go for the XT. A more conservative camshaft spec can often result in a more enjoyable driving experience on the road, as the power band is lower in the RPM range. 

How much power can I expect?
It's impossible to answer without knowing the exact spec of the engine and the quality of the rebuild. However, for a rough guide, if we were to take an identical 1380cc high performance road engine with a modified head, re-worked crankshaft, single HIFF44 carburettor and 1.5:1 roller rockers, the following peak outouts could be expected:
HT - 100lb.ft/100bhp
RS - 100lb.ft/106bhp
XT - 100lb.ft/112bhp

Which engines will this fit?
The supplied rockers will not fit a small-bore engine unless you have converted to a 1275 cylinder head and pocketed the block for valve clearance. The camshaft itself will suit all BMC A-Series and A-plus engines, with the exception of eight-port head conversions and late Rover MPi Minis (1996-2000). Standard 850 engines do not use camshaft bearings, so you will need to line-bore the block and fit bearings. So basically, this kit will suit all 1275 engines with some exceptions.

Can I change my camshaft in situ?
It has been done, but we wouldn't recommend it. 

Do I need 1.5:1 rockers or 1.3:1?
Our camshaft profiles have all been optimised to work below 1.5:1 rockers, but we can swap to 1.3:1 ratio rockers in this kit if you prefer.